1- Parties, Subject and Scope

1.1.  In order to use this website (From now on it will be mentioned as GREENOSCOPE)  please read the conditions below. If you do not accept these conditions, please abandon using GREENOSCOPE. GREENOSCOPE reserves the right to modify all information, forms, contents and the terms and conditions in this Website at any given time.

1.2.  The owner of this website is Verimli Binalar Bilişim Hizmetleri Limited Şirketi” located in “Yeşilköy Mahallesi, Dünya Ticaret Merkezi EGS Business Park, B2 Blok, No:8/18, 34149 Bakırköy / İstanbul / Turkey”. The services offered in this Website and mentioned in this document are provided by GREENOSCOPE.

1.3.  People whom benefit from the services offered in the Website either with or without a fee, or any real or legal person who accesses in any manner to GREENOSCOPE, are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions below. GREENOSCOPE, may change the terms and conditions in the present agreement at any time without neither a notification nor a notice to its members. All real and legal person benefiting from the Website’s services and had accessed the Website, are deemed to have accepted all changes made by GREENOSCOPE in the present agreement’s terms.

1.4.  These terms and conditions, by getting published in the website on 09/08/2014; come into force by being accessible to all users of GREENOSCOPE. Moreover, these terms and conditions are an indispensable part of any user agreement made and/or will be made with users whom will benefit, whether payed or not, from GREENOSCOPE services.


2.1.  GREENOSCOPE provides its members, within the framework of explanations made about the related service in the website, an online marketplace between companies in which green building projects may buy building materials and services in addition to a green building projects directory.  

2.2. Buyers may send direct messsages to members and these messages can be delivered to the member’s e-mail address. The buyer and the other member can also have direct messaging through the website.

2.3. Members, may submit into the website the specifications, manufacturing locations and pictures of their products in detail.

2.4. Members have the possibility to tag their products and/or services in the green building projects which are on the website, with the condition that this product and/or service is used on the tagged projects.

2.5. Members have the possibility to get notified when a new bidding is opened in their products’ or services’ category, to download the bidding files and to bid to these product calls in the website with their products.   

2.6.  Members may get to know the stakeholder companies of green building projects such as the Project Development Company, the Contractor Company, the Project Design Company, the Project Management Company and the Green  Building Consulting Company

2.7. S ervices provided by GREENOSCOPE are not limited to the articles mentioned above. Eventough the above mentioned services provided by GREENOSCOPE are the main services, the addition of new services, the change of the scope and conditions of the services mentioned above are totally within the grasp of GREENOSCOPE. GREENOSCOPE may use at any time this authority as desired, unilaterally, without any notification.

3. Website Usage

3.1.  Users or Members bear all the legal and penal responsibility of the transactions and actions that they perform within the Website.

3.2. GREENOSCOPE does not guarantee under any circumstances the validity, security and legal compliance of the contents, products and services submitted by users; and does not bear any responsibility from these contents.

3.3.  Users and Members approve and pledge, that they will not reproduce, copy, distribute, list or process any picture, text, audiovisual image, video clip, file, database, catalogue from the Website, and that they will not enter into direct and/or indirect competition with GREENOSCOPE either with these or other actions.

3.4.  GREENOSCOPE, its partners, GREENOSCOPE employees, subsidiaries, managers and GREENOSCOPE authorized sellers do not bear responsibility for services provided by third parties within the Website; in addition to user and member generated contents.

3.5. GREENOSCOPE is not liable or responsible neither to inquire the validity of the changed and provided informations and contents uploaded directly by Users and Members over the Website; nor to pledge and guarantee that these informations and contents are secure, correct and in accordance with law.

3.6.  Users and Members approve and pledge not to engage in activities in the Website that may lead to unfair competition according to Turkish Commercial Code’s rulings; and not to perform actions in the Website that may either undermine GREENOSCOPE’s and third parties’ personal and commercial reputation, or offend and violate their personal rights.

3.7.  GREENOSCOPE, reserves the right to change the services provided and the contents accessed in the Website at any time. GREENOSCOPE may use this right without any notification or setting time limits.

3.8.  Users and Members are obliged to fulfill as soon as possible, to the changes and/or corrections requested by GREENOSCOPE. Changes and/or corrections requested by GREENOSCOPE, can be applied based on a need by GREENOSCOPE ex officio. Losses that may or will arise because of the Users’ and Members’ inobservance of changes and/or corrections requested by GREENOSCOPE within due time, legal and penal responsibilities belong entirely to the Users or Members to whom the demand is directed.

3.9. Users are obliged to use the information that they have accessed only according to the purposes disclosed either by the member who disclosed it or by GREENOSCOPE,

3.10.  GREENOSCOPE is the hosting provider, according to the Act 5651 of the constitution of the Republic of Turkey. In order to comply with the Act 5651 and the legislation concerned to the obligations for the hosting providers, GREENOSCOPE is recording and storing within the legal time limits the transactions which are made by the Users over the Website that are mentioned in the related legislation.

3.11.  As GREENOSCOPE is a hosting provider according to the Act 5651, it is obliged to comply accurately and completely with the obligations specified in Article 5 of the law.

3.12.  GREENOSCOPE, may use, disclose, process, share and can classify and store in a database  the data that is submitted to it by Users or Members over the Website according to the provisions of its Privacy Policy and User Agreements. At the same time, GREENOSCOPE may use data such as; User or visitor’s identity, address, e-mail address, phone  number, IP address, Website traction, domain type, browser type, date and time  in order to make statistical evaluations and provide personal services .

3.13.  It is in accordance with law that the database, which stores the contents that are accessed and/or monitored through the website, gets accessed by third parties only with either the intent to monitor the mentioned contents and/or within the framework of conditions of use that are permitted by GREENOSCOPE with a written statement

3.14.  Personal data, which is inside the questions and contents that are accessed and/or monitored through the website’s contents or questions, can’t be used, processed, forwarded, monitored and disclosed under any given circumstances by third parties without the written permission of these datas’ personal owners and GREENOSCOPE.

3.15.  Data from the GREENOSCOPE database, can’t be used, copied, transferred to another database, opened to third parties’ access or usage; partially or completely without the written permission of GREENOSCOPE.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

GREENOSCOPE is the owner or licence owner of the Website’s general sight and design in addition to all materials including website’s and mobile application’s all information, pictures, GREENOSCOPE brand and other brands, and domain names, logos, icons, demonstrative, written, electronic, graphic or provided technical data that is mechanically readable, computer software, business methods and business models and the related intellectual and industrial property rights, and it is under legal protection. Any material that is within the website or the mobile application, including code and software; can’t be changed, copied, reproduced, transformed into another license, republished, uploaded in another computer, posted, forwarded, offered or distributed without a pre-approval and a quote.  Any totality or part of neither the Website nor the mobile application, can’t be used without permission in another website. Actions in opposite bear legal and penal responsibility. All other rights of GREENOSCOPE that are not mentioned here are reserved.

5. Changes in Terms and Conditions

GREENOSCOPE, in its sole discretion, may change these terms and conditions at any given time by announcing it on the website. The changing clauses of the terms and conditions, get validated from the date they are announced.

6. Force Majeure

Under all circumstances that are considered force majeure by the law, GREENOSCOPE can’t be held liable of not performing or late performing these terms and conditions, privacy policy and any user agreements. These and similar circumstances, do not bring any obligations to GREENOSCOPE. The term Force Majeur, will be interpreted as outside of the related party’s reasonable control and circumstances that GREENOSCOPE couldn’t prevent even with all due care and attention . In addition to that, but are not limited to, circumstances such as natural catastrophes, riots, wars, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet breakdowns, power outages and bad weather are also included within these force majeur.

7. Applicable Law and Authority

In the application and interpretation of these terms and conditions, Turkish Law wil be pursued. In the resolution of any conflicts that may or will arise based on these terms and conditions, İstanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices are the authority.

8. Validity and Approval

These terms and conditions, are valid from the day they are published on the GREENOSCOPE website. Users and members, are approving these terms and conditions by using GREENOSCOPE. GREENOSCOPE reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any given time. Changes are valid from the day they are published on the website.