CSR 8111 Epoxy Lamination Resin

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Transparent adhesive with solvent-free epoxy base used at cold and humid weather, composed of two components consisting of a mixture of epoxy resin with special additives and hardener with manufacturing purpose. Furthermore with addition of hardener as necessary, it is also used in adhering polyester and metal materials. Mixture proportion kept as 1:1 minimizes probable mixture rate faults and facilitates use.



Product Category

Adhesives & Sealants


Epoxy Resins

Last Update

19 August 2015

Application Tools

  • Hard brush
  • Roller

Chemical Resistance?

  • Yes

Consumption with Roller for 1 Layer [g/m²]

  • 150 <--> 250

Density of Component A (ASTM D-1475) [g/cm³]

  • 1,14

Density of Component B (ASTM D-1475) [g/cm³]

  • 0,99

Maximum Concrete Application Surface Humidity [%]

  • 5%

Minimum Application Temperature [°C]

  • 5°C

Minimum Pressure Resistance of Concrete Application Surface [kg/cm²]

  • 225

Mixture Density (ASTM D-1475) [g/cm³]

  • 1,06

Mixture Rate A:B (by Weight)

  • 1 : 1

Pot Life in 10°C [minutes]

  • 140

Pot Life in 20°C [minutes]

  • 40

Pot Life in 30°C [minutes]

  • 20

Pot Life in 40°C [minutes]

  • 15

Recommended for

  • Concrete
  • Metals
  • Polyester

Shelf Life in Storage Below 25°C (Months)

  • 12


  • Yes

Storage Temperature Interval [°C]

  • +5ºC <--> +25ºC

Touchable-Drying Time in 10°C [Hours]

  • 20

Touchable-Drying Time in 20°C [Hours]

  • 14

Touchable-Drying Time in 30°C [Hours]

  • 8

Touchable-Drying Time in 40°C [Hours]

  • 4

Type of Chemical Substance

  • 2-component epoxy resin


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