CSR 3321 Epoxy Floor Coating OP

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2-component coating, composed of a mixture of epoxy resin with special additives and hardener. Each set contains two packs weighed at the factory. It is a floor coating with “Orange Peel” appearance and high mechanical resistance which is not affected by chemical substances and can be easily cleaned. The coating with various colors, is ideal for use at pharmacy factories, sterile areas of hospitals, power plants and any kind of industrial plants which requires floor that can be easily cleaned and does not give off dust



Product Category

Paintings & Coatings


Floor Coatings

Application Tools

  • Short haired paint roller

Chemical Resistance?

  • Yes

Colors Available

  • Various

Consumption with Roller for 1 Layer [g/m²]

  • 300 <--> 500

Density of Component A (ASTM D-1475) [g/cm³]

  • 1,37

Density of Component B (ASTM D-1475) [g/cm³]

  • 1,35

Density of Component C (ASTM D-1475) [g/cm³]

  • 1,36

Minimum Application Temperature [°C]

  • 5°C

Mixture Rate A:B (by Weight)

  • 2 : 1

Modulus of Elasticity [kg/cm²]

  • 35000

Pot Life in 10°C [minutes]

  • 240

Pot Life in 20°C [minutes]

  • 40

Pot Life in 30°C [minutes]

  • 35

Pot Life in 40°C [minutes]

  • 25

Pressure Resistance [kg/cm²]

  • 350

Recommended for

  • Industrial plants
  • Hospitals' sterile areas
  • Pharmacies
  • Power plants

Shelf Life in Storage Below 25°C (Months)

  • 12


  • Yes

Storage Temperature Interval [°C]

  • +5ºC <--> +25ºC

Tensile Strength [kg/cm²]

  • 150

Touchable-Drying Time in 10°C [Hours]

  • 26

Touchable-Drying Time in 20°C [Hours]

  • 18

Touchable-Drying Time in 30°C [Hours]

  • 5

Touchable-Drying Time in 40°C [Hours]

  • 2

Type of Chemical Substance

  • 2-component epoxy resin

Waiting Time Between Coats in 10ºC [Hours]

  • 30

Waiting Time Between Coats in 20ºC [Hours]

  • 6

Waiting Time Between Coats in 30ºC [Hours]

  • 2

Waiting Time for the Last Coat [days]

  • 1


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