These privacy principles include (“GREENOSCOPE”) “Verimli Binalar Bilişim Hizmetleri Limited Şirketi” ‘s privacy policies. By visiting GREENOSCOPE’s website, you accept to abide the below mentioned conditions and rules.

In order to provide a better service to its users, GREENOSCOPE requests from you for your certain personal information (ie: name, surname, e-mail address...). Other than e-mail addresses and the personal information requested in the membership forms, GREENOSCOPE, analyzes and comments in its business and customer development platform, the data that it collects about the user movements and preferences. These statistical datum, about the content based user movements in this domain which do not include personal information, may be shared with our realiable and prestigious business  partners in order to provide a better service to you, our customers

GREENOSCOPE, does not share the user data that it collects through the membership forms, without the knowledge or the request of the user, with third parties. It doesn’t use or sell it with any commercial motivation other than its own business activities. User data, may only be disclosed by the request of the official authorities in an acknowledged manner and through the effective directives’ conditions by the official authorities in order to make explanations to official bodies.

All information submitted by the user can be reached only by the user and only the user can modify all this information. It’s not possible for any other person to reach and modify the user’s information. You may unsubscribe from GREENOSCOPE’s mailings by clicking the following link at the bottom of the e-mail: “Click in order not to receive these announcements”.

In order to maximize your data security, neither your debit nor credit card information that you may submit in the payment transaction pages are not saved in GREENOSCOPE’s servers. Accordingly, all payment transactions are made between just your computer and the bank, through GREENOSCOPE‘s user interface.

GREENOSCOPE is not responsible from other websites’ privacy policies and applications if the user connects to the other website through any link in GREENSCOPE.

You may send any questions and feed-back about GREENOSCOPE’s privacy policy to the e-mail address in the website’s “About Us” tab.