New Competition: 2015 World GBC Leadership in Green Building Awards Europe



World Green Building Council receives applications for the European Reagional Leadership awards until 26.06.2015

These awards, increase the awareness to the best practices in Europe on green building initiatives/policies/projects for healthier and more sustainable communities.

Why you should apply? 

You can:

  • Demonstrate to the European scene, your strategies which decrease CO2 emissions, which increase the livability of cities, and empowers local economies,
  • Promote your leadership in global real estate and construction industry to society and corporations,
  • Multiply your success by sharing your best practices of green building initiatives with others

Click here to learn the 2013 awardees

Click here for the application form

Deadline for applications: 26.06.2015. Winners will be awarded in Greenbuild Euromed 2015 - Verona, Italy which is to happen in October.

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Source: Turkish Green Building Council